“It is the policy of the East Dunbartonshire Council Education and Cultural Services Committee to encourage pupils to wear an acceptable form of school dress as determined by Head Teachers, Parent Councils and parents. In encouraging the wearing of school dress, account must be taken of any proposals to prevent any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race or gender. Any proposal will be the subject of widespread consultation with parents and pupils”

After extensive consultation with parents and pupils at Boclair there is widespread agreement that school uniform encourages a sense of pride in and identity with the school and is a vital element in ensuring the safety of pupils in school - intruders not wearing uniform can be quickly identified. Arrangements for purchasing the uniform are shown below:

Pupils should wear

The school tie and blazer must be clearly visible at all times. Ties may be purchased at any time from the school office.

Clothing Grants

If you are on a low income or in receipt of certain benefits you may be eligible for help towards the cost of school uniform.

A new combined online application form for free school meals, free nursery meals and school clothing grants was launched in July 2020.