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How did the Universe begin? What is light, and why is the sky blue? What is a black hole and how could I see one? What is special about silicon chips or superconductors? How do body scanners, solar cells and lasers work? If you have an enquiring mind, studying physics and astronomy will help you find the answers.

Physics explores the fundamental laws that underlie the whole of science, and applies these laws to a vast range of situations, from atoms to galaxies. Physics has shaped modern technology and it will shape our future. Many of the breakthroughs needed to deal with global warming will be made by physicists.

Studying physics develops skills that are highly-sought by employers. These include the ability to state and solve problems, to think clearly and logically and to communicate complex ideas. The Confederation of British Industry is appealing for many more physics graduates, so qualifications in physics can give you a real edge in your career. Research and development, engineering, information technology, financial services, education and the armed forces are just some of the sectors where qualifications in physics are valued very highly.

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