Welcome to the Support for Learning department

Support for Learning staff work closely with associated primary schools to gather information on all pupils, and, in particular, to identify those who may need additional support on transition to secondary school. This information, along with important medical advice, is summarised and circulated to all staff. 

A process of staged intervention is used to meet the learning needs of all pupils. Class teachers, and then Principal Teachers, try to meet the needs of any pupil in their care by adopting the usual strategies of support including additional or alternative presentation of materials or direct or targeted tuition. If additional support is required, then input from Support for Learning is requested by the Principal Teachers of departments. After consultation, Support for Learning staff work with class teachers in one of several ways: support for learning assistants may accompany pupils to classes to ensure that any particular difficulty faced by the pupil is overcome; support for learning teachers may work cooperatively in classes to support the learning of individuals or small groups, or may assist with the differentiation of subject materials. Support for Learning teachers also offer direct tuition to a small number of pupils who follow a reduced curriculum because of identified support needs. All forms of support offered are reviewed regularly, and may be adjusted depending on the needs of the pupils and/or the wishes of parents. 

Support for Learning teachers may also be asked to investigate difficulties being faced by pupils in their learning. This usually involves some assessment of basic literacy skills and will only be undertaken at the request of parents and in consultation with the pupil’s teachers. It may also be necessary to seek a consultation meeting with the school’s Educational Psychologist to ensure a comprehensive investigation of the situation. Permission from parents for such a meeting is always sought in advance. Alternative assessment arrangements can be made for pupils who have additional support needs. Support for Learning teachers advise and work alongside Principal Teachers to ensure that robust evidence is gathered and arrangements made so that pupils are given appropriate support. 

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