Welcome to the History department

There are many different reasons to study history:

  • History helps you develop the skills to look beyond the headlines, to ask questions properly, and to express your own opinions.
  • History helps you make sense of most other subjects and topics.
  • History helps you understand the origins of modern political and social problems.
  • History lets you learn how and why people behaved as they did, whether they are Robert the Bruce, Hitler or Martin L King...
  • History provides you with the skills employers are looking for, as well as career such as teaching, law, publishing, tourism and the Civil Service.


What is History?

The Romans

The Scottish Wars of Independence


The Assassination of JFK

The Reformation/Mary Queen of Scots


Native Americans

Scotland and the Great War

Britain and the Atlantic Slave Trade

Hitler and Nazi Germany


The Treaty of Union, 1689-1740

Britain 1851-1951 OR Britain and Ireland 1900-1985

USA 1918-68

Advanced Higher

Germany form Democracy to Dictatorship, 1918-39

History - staff