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Every young person at Boclair is encouraged to maximise their potential





Our values are those on the Scottish mace, namely :

Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and Integrity





  • to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, the highest quality of learning and teaching
  • to allow pupils to develop a depth of knowledge and a range of skills and experiences
  • to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning 
  • to encourage pupils to participate fully in the life of the school, the wider community and society in general 
  • to promote an ethos of success and achievement for all 
  • to provide a caring environment in which pupils feel confident and secure 
  • to promote equal opportunities and respect for others 
  • to encourage parents to work in partnership with the school


All our policies - whole school and departmental - will be judged in relation to this overall aim.

A successful school is one where teachers and pupils strive towards common goals.   Pupils respond to and respect teachers who are thoroughly prepared in their work and who set realistic aims for each individual.   The hallmark of our professionalism is our ability to strike a sensible balance between the particular needs of the individual and the needs of the group.   Success for some pupils will be academic work of the highest standard while for others sustained attendance at school may in itself represent a very worthwhile achievement.


A number of our pupils come from less privileged home backgrounds;  for some the school represents the most stable influence in their lives;  an education service of genuine quality is sensitive to the needs of all pupils and aims not only for the highest academic success but also to raise the self-esteem of each individual.