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 Librarian: Mrs A Cassells 

Welcome to Boclair Academy Library which is located on the second floor and is open throughout the school day.


 The library contains a wide variety of printed information selected to support the curriculum at all levels. There are approximately 9,000 books in the collection.  Most of this material can be borrowed by pupils for use at home. Pupils are allowed to borrow four items at a time for two weeks, extended loans are available for senior pupils. There is also a selection of magazines to browse such as Focus, National Geographic, Good Food, History Magazine, Geographical and others. The library has a computerised catalogue system which the pupils can use to locate material within the library.

The Library currently has twelve PCs and eight laptops which are on the school intranet and are also linked to the Internet and to a printer which pupils can use to print out homework or research notes.  Pupils can book these computers for individual use at intervals and lunchtime.  There is seating for 34 pupils at the tables and four comfy chairs for relaxing with a book.

 There is a good selection of fiction and of non-fiction titles which can be used to assist with homework.

The Library Seating Area

 S1 pupils come to the library during their first year for an Information Literacy Skills course from a number of different departments to learn how to use the library and the resources held in it. 

The Careers Library is situated within the School Library and holds an extensive range of information on courses, jobs and job-finding skills.  There are also Scottish university prospectuses for pupils to take away. All pupils are encouraged to use the Careers Library for their own research. The Librarian is happy to assist pupils in the use of the careers material. 

For further information, please click the following link: Careers Library

Library Participation

A team of fifteen pupil helpers assist the librarian at intervals and lunchtimes and pupils are welcome to add their names to the waiting list for this.

The librarian also runs a weekly reading group for pupils from all years, please click on  Boclair BookEnds for more information.

 Opening Hours (outwith class time)

Mon, Tues                                      Thurs, Fri                                    Wednesday

8.30am - 8.45am                           8.30am - 8.45am                      8.30am - 8.45am

10.40am - 10.55am                        10.40am - 10.55am                    10.40am - 10.55am

1.45pm - 2.15pm                           12.55pm - 1.25pm                       Boclair BookEnds meet